Vegan Diet Plan, Simple But Very Nutritious.

A vegan diet plan will consist of foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains. They will also avoid animal products such as eggs, and all dairy products.

Vegans are known to be strict eaters by analyzing everything that enter their mouths, because they are serious about food content.

Today people like vegetarians are changing their diet plans into a vegan diet plan, and meat eaters are also searching for information on a good vegan diet.

Now what meat eaters need to know is that, the transitioning from eating meat to becoming a vegan will take lots of discipline in the area of persistence and the studying of food content.

What vegetarians also need to know is that, by adopting a vegan diet plan they must be more diligent about whats in their food content.

I say this because some vegetarians and even some vegans cannot read all food labels, and its a fact that some foods we eat and products we use are made from animals.

Keep these names in mind when reading food labels:

Albumen: made from egg, milk, and animal blood.

Bone char: derived from animal bone ash. Its use to process white sugar.

Carmine/Cochineal: Red pigment made from crush beetles. Its found in food, supplements, and makeup.

Casein: A cow's milk protein.

Methionine: Essential amino acids made from eggs or cows milk.

Pepsin: Made from hogs' stomachs.

Rennet: An enzyme made from calves' stomachs.

Whey: Made from milk.

(source) Alexandra Jamieson

So a good vegan diet plan would start by eating risk free dairy and animal products.

Lets see whats for the 7 day breakfast, lunch and dinner:



1 bowl of salad. (This should be about five different types of vegetables)

this will keep you full till lunch time.


A hand full of almonds and a home made subway. This will consist of whole wheat bread with some lettuce, tomatoes and some olives in between the bread. This should be done from home and taken to work.


1 apple

1 orange

and a small bowl of grapes. Dinner time should always be a smaller amount of food.



A bowl of whole wheat cereal mixed with almond or soy milk.


a small bowl of salad and a hand full of peanuts.


a fruit juice shake with...

1 apple

1 orange

1 cup of straw berries

1 banana

and one glass of almond milk as the base. This will neutralize the acidic taste.



a small bowl of oats, raisins, and almond milk mixed together. Start this early in the morning because it can hold you for a very long time.


fruits... this should consist of the melon family. For example, a bowl of nice cut pieces of water melon, honeydew, and cantaloupe.


a nice fat bowl of salad, this must have at least five different types of vegetables. Salad must be apart of your vegan diet plan because you are required one serving per day and after all its natures healthiest food.



a bowl of warm lentil soup and a hand full of almond nuts.


Tofu sandwich:

1--Slice up the tofu in nice rectangle slices and place it in a square pan.

2-- take a knife and stab up the tofu gently. This will allow the seasoning to seep into the middle of the tofu.

3-- take some salt and put it in a glass with some water, stir it until it suit your taste, pour it all on the tofu and let the salt water seep down the middle of the knife stab tofu, season it with your favorite seasoning and put it to bake until is medium hard.

4-- when its finish, put it between two whole wheat sandwiches with earth balance spread (butter), some lettuce, tomatoes and onion. That will be your chicken sandwich:)


potatoes special: (my mouth watered when I wrote this)

1--take 2 pieces of foil paper that would cover the potatoes.

2--Add a little cold press olive to the foil and spread it all over them with your hands.

3--Sprinkle some sea salt on the foils, wrap the potatoes in them, and put them in the oven with a flat pan to bake.

4—when finish take them out, slice them in the middle but not all the way through. Apply some vegan butter, a little sea salt, and sprinkle some thyme in the middle and eat immediately with a small bowl of salad.

(This is another is favorite part of my vegan diet plan. My mouth waters every time I prepare to bake them.)



a small plate of rice and peas with some vegetarian gravy, tofu and a big batch of salad.


a hand full of cashews and a full glass of soy yogurt

dinner fruit shake:

2 bananas

1 cup of strawberries

full glass of original almond milk.



scramble egg tofu sandwich:1-- slice the tofu up in rectangular slices and put all in a blender.

2-- blend it up and then pour it in a frying pan.

3-- season it with turmeric, sea salt, onion, slices of tomatoes, and slices of scallion.

4—pour some extra virgin cold press olive oil in the frying pan and stir with the heat for about five minutes with the stove between medium to high until finish.

5—put it between two whole wheat bread with some tomatoes, lettuce, and olives and you are done.

The scramble egg tofu is one of my favorite, its part of my healthy vegan diet plan.


hand full of peanuts and one glass full of soy yogurt.


a plate of well seasoned mashed potatoes with sprinkled thyme and lots of vegetables.



banana and strawberry milk shake:

2 bananas

½ cup of strawberries

1 glass of almond milk,

blend them together and enjoy your glass of banana strawberry milkshake with nutrients likepotassium, vitamin c, and calcium.


bulgar with mixed vegetables and tofu.

Add 1 cup of bulgar rice to 3 cups of water.

seasoned it with scallion, thyme, bell-pepper, onion, garlic and sea salt.

Make sure you add the salt periodically to adjust the taste.

Add the mixed vegetables five minutes the bulgar is finish.


green juice:

use seven sticks of large carrots and juice it to be the base for the green juice.

If you don't have a juicer, buy the un/or concentrated carrot juice from the store.

Pour it in the blender and ½ a cucumber

3 lettuce leafs

2 sticks of asparagus

1 ½ apples.

There you have it, my 7 day vegan diet plan. This is my personal vegan diet and it may sound simple, but its pack with nutrients, its light on the stomach and easy to digest, and gives you lots of energy.

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