Healthy eating Is A Life Changing Experience....See What It Will Do For You!

Over a decade ago the importance of healthy eating for a healthier life became a part of my daily lifestyle. (That's my wife and I)

This new lifestyle came about by reason of the flu: it was frequent and lasted for a long period of time. This got me thinking seriously about my health.  Well, after pondering the flu's duration, I knew something had to be done before it got out of hand. 

Furthermore, I had an idea that my bad eating habits had a lot to do with why I got the flu so often,  But I did not know how to explain it.

My Health Investigation Journey Begins.

Suddenly it happen, I started to educate myself about the body and its functions and came across one important aspect of the body call, the Immune system.

I was curious and wanted to know more and this is what i found. I found that the Immune system is a network of cells, tissues, and organs that work together to defend the body against attacks by foreign invaders such as

  • Bacteria
  • Parasites
  • Fungi

These can cause the body to be vulnerable against viruses... and the immune system's job is to keep them out, or seek and destroy. In my research I found that in the Immune system, there are cells called " B" cells.

These  cells work chiefly to form and give off substances called antibodies into the body's fluids allowing  antibodies to  ambush foreign antigens (any substance that is foreign to the body) circulating in the bloodstream.

Now each B cell is programmed to make one specific antibody. For example, one B cell will make an antibody that blocks a virus that causes a common cold while another produces an antibody that attacks other sicknesses.  

This piece of information was so essential that it was incumbent upon me to know that if healthy eating was not implemented in my daily diet, it would weaken my immune defenses. 

I Am Convinced about healthy eating.

After I concluded my research, I definitely  had  to change what I eat in order to live a healthier life and avoid food that would weaken my immune system.

Now let me be honest with you, I know now that the benefits of eating healthy will pay off now and in the long run, but the one problem I had was “overcoming my appetite for junk food”. This was not an easy task for me, but I overcame it and now my mind and body feels great.


Must Be Persistent!

Please take your health serious! The body needs the right nutrients for sustenance and vitality. The practice of eating food that has no nutritional value, will be contrary to the cause of maintaining good health: do not ignore this!

To enjoy life you need to be in good health, it brings joy and happiness. Think about it, you have a nice car, house, job, family, and your health is failing you, what fun will that be?

A poor diet, which consist of junk food such as

  • Food low on fiber
  • Fry foods
  • Foods that are over process

Are not healthy and will be detrimental to your health overall.

You must not let your appetite control your ability to think in selecting the right foods to eat. You need to be educated about what you are eating, and that's what I am here for, because too many people eat their way to their graves every day. [Seriously]

What we eat should be taken seriously... and avoid foods that are poisonous and harmful to the body which eventually would compromise your immune system that acts as a shield to protect the body against sickness and disease.


Today my wife and I are enjoying the benefits of eating healthy and you can too. I am here to help, and I am committed to helping you, the reader acquire a healthier life.

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Could you really Enjoy Life without Good Health? The answer is NO!

"A man may have many riches with pleasure, but bad health can strip you of them."

By eating a variety of fruits, you will get most of the nutrients the body needs.

Keep eating those fruits!

Do you know Indigestion Is bad For Your Health?

Many people have problems with indigestion today, and its one of the reason why food becomes toxic in the stomach.

Apple, the master of all fruits. You have heard it, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away." Apples are very high in antioxidants which fights against free-radicals.

Make sure you eat your vegetables daily. they have what you call "phytonutrients"a chemical that fights against cancer. vegetables are nature's best health food.