Eating HealthyWhile Pregnant Can Help Promote A Smooth Pregnancy.

 Eating healthy while pregnant is beneficial for both the mother and the unborn child. This is one of the most important times for the woman who is pregnant to really care for her child (in regards to food) which is delicate and fragile in the womb.

During pregnancy, women tend to crave for certain foods and must be careful of what they eat. This is important because some women that crave while pregnant usually crave for foods that may have an allergic reaction and negatively impact the child as it is fed.

Even though pregnancy is a gift from God and a time for celebration, there are times when problems are brought on by either hormonal changes, nutrition deficiency, and pressure put on the bones and internal organs by the child.

Here are some of the problems that occur during pregnancy and why eating healthy while pregnant are necessary…

Note: Before reading on, please watch this video to see how you can quickly prepare a healthy snack when you are on the run.

Eating healthy while pregnant will prevent... Anemia

Your body needs more iron than usual during pregnancy, and a deficiency in iron can cause anemia which is promoted by a lack of oxygen to the cells. And as a result you may feel tired and become vulnerable to sickness.

Foods that are high in iron will assist you in overcoming Anemia while pregnant are cherries, strawberries, leafy vegetables, molasses, leeks, and figs.

They are some foods that contain oxalic acid that will block the absorption of iron, and that you will want to stay away from..... these are caffeine, dairy products, sodas, spinach, tomatoes, and rhubarb.

Bleeding Gums

During pregnancy gums can get soft, swollen, and bleed therefore eating healthy while pregnant can help keep your gums in good shape. For your Gums to be in good shape you must get your calcium. To get your calcium, eat foods like... vegetables, soybeans, almonds, and unsweetened soy yogurt.


Hormonal changes during pregnancy, along with the baby's position, and an insufficient intake of fiber can lead to constipation. In addition, constipation can also lead to high blood pressure, water retention, and toxemia(toxic blood) which can hurt both mother and child.

You will need to eat plenty of fiber to encourage bowel movements that will help you with your constipation. These fibers are prunes, vegetables, whole grains, fruits, and beans.


During pregnancy, food may seem hard to digest, so during this time, your body crave quality food. You will need to eat enough but not over eat. When you eat, eat smaller meals and chew your food well. Peppermint tea, ginger, and aloe Vera juice will help. Also, if you take baking soda to stop indigestion; the sodium content may increase fluid retention.


This condition is due to the slower movement of food through your intestines. This can also be triggered by hormonal changes during pregnancy. For Gas, eat papaya, it's good because it soothes the intestinal tract and its high in enzymes to help digest your food.

Try not to stress your digestive system with a large meal; but instead eat smaller amounts through out the day, this make it easy on your digestive system.


Sometimes the positioning of the baby or the expanded size of the womb would cause the stomach fluids to be push up and re-enter the esophagus, and this will cause you to experience some stomach acid in your throat and mouth.

To ease or stop the heartburn, drink a glass of warm rice milk or Soy milk, eat papaya for its healing qualities or its juice, eat smaller meals throughout the day, and do not eat and go to bed immediately and this should help with your heartburn.

Note: stay away from fried, greasy, and spicy foods to avoid heart burn.


Constipation and pressure put on the lower part of the body can produce hemorrhoids. In order to help or prevent the formation of hemorrhoids during pregnancy, eat lots of fiber, whole grain, fruits, vegetables, and beans to facilitate the ease of your stool.

These problems are most common during pregnancy and eating healthy while pregnant can help or prevent these matters from occurring. Some women believed that healthy meals when pregnant are not necessary and therefore fill their system with cigarette smoke and other environmental hazards, leaving both the mother and child with greater health risk.

I hope that you take this information seriously and eat healthy to increase the chances of a smooth pregnancy.

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