Do You Know What Is needed To Help Make Up A Healthy Life?

Do you know that a healthy life have more factors to consider than just healthy eating? Although healthy eating for good nutritients is vital for one's health, there are seven other factors to consider that makes up what you call "the eight natural laws of health."

The Eight Laws Of Health

But why the eight natural laws of health? because its beneficial for those who want a NEW START in life in reference to their health.

Allow me to show you that a NEW START constitutes a healthy life.

N: is for nutrition

E: is for exercise

W: is for water

S: is for sunlight

T: is for temperance

A:is for air

R: is for rest

T: is for trust in God.

When ever these eight laws become apart of your every day life, your health will flourish.

With that being said, allow me to dilate your mind with information that is beneficial to why these eight laws of health constitute a healthy life.


Good nutrition starts with eating nutritious food. This benefits the body when properly digested, absorbed, and metabolized. This intern will provide the cells with good nutrients which is necessary to support life.

Although nutrition also covers the processes and transformation that food undergo in the body, people need not to worry about this. Why? Because if the food that is nutritious to the body have no pathological problem, then good nourishment should be equal to a good nutritional state.

It is sad to say that an unhealthy diet promote diseases, but rewarding to know a healthy diet promotes a healthy life.


The body is phenomenal and was design for physical activity. Exercising helps the blood to circulate better, combats arterial hypertension, prevents obesity, and keeps your organism in good condition. One of the best exercises without restriction is walking, and 30 minutes a day can boost your immune system and improve your cardiovascular system.


The body contain about 70% water and is needed for every function of the body including your cells, tissue, and organs..

For example.... your kidneys works hard to purify the blood, so it needs the assistance of water to remove the unwanted stuff through the urine.

Your feces need not to be hard or dry causing strain, so water is needed in the digestive system to soften your feces to eliminate strain.

Because cells need water to function properly, water is needed in the cells of your skin to maintain its elasticity and hardness, which will help in preventing wrinkles.


The sun is the earths main energy source and is necessary for life and for the maintenance of health. Sunlight produces vitamin D in the skin: and although the Ultraviolet rays from the sun can be harmful when expose for long periods of time, it is capable of destroying germs that are pathogenic.


Temperance is to be moderate in that which is good and to abstain from that which is bad. Intemperance of food can have a negative impact on heath due to gluttony .

When a person become glutenous ...meaning eating and drinking a huge amount of food at once, to the point where it becomes hard to breathe deeply after, this can tax the digestive system with strenuous work and can lead to indigestion and other diseases when done often.

It pays to be temperate, it impacts our health positively when it comes to food, and it is a virtue that moderates our desire for the pleasure of food.


The bible said in Genesis 2:7 God breathed the breath of life into the nostrils of man and man became a living soul. Air is vital to our bodies and we cannot live without it.

The oxygen in air is for the sustenance of life. Human beings need it for food to burn in our cells for the production of energy to sustain life, and this is only obtained by breathing. When you breathe, the lungs open for the air to be sucked in, allowing the oxygen in the air to pass into the blood to be transported all over the body.

During that process each oxygen cell is exchange for waste gas call carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide then hitch a ride from the blood stream to be transported to the lungs to be exhale out the body adding to a healthy life.

Take advantage of every opportunity to go out doors to breathe deeply, and your brain and organism will work good especially if its unpolluted air. (country living has the purest air)


Early to bed early to rise make you healthy, wealthy, and wise. This is a proverb my wife's dad always use regarding the importance of rest.

When rest is lacking it can depress the immune system, decrease alertness and productivity, and can lead to disorders like chronic fatigue, headaches, and heart disease. These disorders are contrary to a healthy life and should be avoided by getting your rest.

Furthermore, when we sleep the body's neurons cleanses itself of metabolic waste which is accumulated throughout the day.

Proverbs 3:27 said "when you lie down, your sleep shall be sweet." The sweet in this statement is related to the health benefits that is derived from a good nights rest.

Get your rest, it does your body good. Please do not disturb, I am sleeping!(LOL)


Trusting in God is the source of all good health. Why? Because He is the creator of the anatomy and physiology of the human body, and know what is best to incorporate a healthy life.

Today many people are stressed and burdened with the worries and cares of this world which can create unhealthy conditions and even cause you to be suicidal.

In reference to the bible in the book of Matthew 11:28-29, Jesus said come unto me he that are burden and heavy laden and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn of me for I am meek and lowly in heart and ye shall find rest unto your souls.

This rest mean "a peace of mind under any circumstance." in other words, no matter what the situation, trusting in God will allow you to overcome any situation that faces you. (I am a living testimony to this)

I said all of that to say this, You have heard that stress kills, well to some degree. Due to stress the body reacts by releasing cortisol and neural chemicals into the bloodstream. When this is prolonged, you become depress and liable to diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers because of high levels of cortisol.

Trusting in God will allow you to overcome the hardships of life and give you that peace of mind that will arrest worries and stress in their tracks.

It pays to trust in God to create and maintain a healthy life. If this information was valuable to you, share this page with your friends so that they to can have a NEW START to a healthy life.

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Could you really Enjoy Life without Good Health? The answer is NO!

"A man may have many riches with pleasure, but bad health can strip you of them."

By eating a variety of fruits, you will get most of the nutrients the body needs.

Keep eating those fruits!

Do you know Indigestion Is bad For Your Health?

Many people have problems with indigestion today, and its one of the reason why food becomes toxic in the stomach.

Apple, the master of all fruits. You have heard it, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away." Apples are very high in antioxidants which fights against free-radicals.

Make sure you eat your vegetables daily. they have what you call "phytonutrients"a chemical that fights against cancer. vegetables are nature's best health food.

1.Water keeps your temperature normal.

2.Lubricates your joints.

3.Protects your spinal cord and sensitive tissues.

4.Gets rid of waste through urination.