Healthy Eating schedule! Eat On Time, Stop Indigestion And Bloating, Feel At Ease.


A healthy eating schedule is just as important as eating healthy itself.

When you do not have a timely eating schedule it can have a strenuous effect on your stomach causing it to over work. Therefore the digestion of previous food you ate is interrupted with new food you are consuming, causing a negative reaction.

It was not too long ago when I change my eating habits and the time I ate. This change came after receiving knowledge about the negative effect of eating in between meals and not having a set schedule time to eat.

When people indulge in eating frequently and in too large quantities, it overtaxes the digestive organs, and produces a feverish state of the system, the blood becomes impure and then diseases of various kinds occur.

Having a healthy eating schedule is good. This will allow proper digestion of your food which will result in you having a good comfortable feeling in your stomach instead of being bloated and uneasy.

Every meal should have an eating schedule of 4-5 hours before the next one. If you eat an hour or 2 hours after the previous meal, the stomach will not be prepared for the new burden, because it has not yet dispose of the old meal and will lack vital force for the new work it has to do.

At this stage a healthy eating schedule is critical for the healthful tone of your stomach. Most of the time the stomach is misused and abuse by continual operation and needs rest. No more food should be eaten within five hours......

This way the stomach will perform its work and will have space to receive more food.

So what does a healthy eating schedule look like?

Well is pretty simple......

When you get up on mornings, you will have your breakfast; this will be your largest meal for the whole entire day. Why? Because all through the night as your stomach was resting, it was being deprived of food.

Furthermore this will give your stomach vital force to start new digestion and to absorb most of the nutrients the body needs.

After you have finish eating your healthy breakfast, it is important to note what time you finish, not what time you start.

This will give you an idea when the next meal should begin. For example if you finish eating at eight in the morning, your next meal will be around one o' clock

Any food eaten in between those hours will interrupt your digestion and that could cause fermentation in the stomach. The process of fermentation can start when new food is eaten on top of old food that's not fully digested yet.

This bad eating habit causes bloating and toxicity in your body;

Therefore five hours after you have finish your large breakfast to start on the second one, the amount of that meal should be smaller in size giving your digestive system less work......

So basically five hours after the digestive process ends on the second meal, it will be around five o' clock. Between five and six is a good time to end your eating schedule because from six all the way to eight the next morning provides lots of rest for your digestive system.

This will allow your stomach to have vital power for digestion.....

Of course.... if you are prone to blood sugar problems such as hypoglycemia, insulin resistance, or diabetes, snacking in between meals may be wise.

In summary, base your first eating schedule around eight and start your second, around one. Half an hour after both meals, you can drink some fruit juices or water. This healthy eating schedule should be done every day.

Remember... it's all about healthy eating for a healthier life.

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